GRUNDTVIG-Workshop „E-Literacy”

Using social media as tool for overcoming functional illiteracy in adult education

Our workshop provides the opportunity to discover the pedagogical potential of social media within the education of functional illiterates. It is aspired to offer a compound of a transfer of knowledge and a dynamic process of collaborative group learning. Apart from lectures by social media experts the workshop offers the possibility to develop concrete concepts for teaching and become part of a European network for trainers of illiterates.

What is E-Literacy Workshop about?

The workshop focuses on the following issue: in how far can reading and writing skills of functional illiterates be improved by means of social media tools and in how far can this learning method be established within teaching?

Workshop goals:

  • Getting to know social media as a teaching instrument.
  • Development and testing of a concept for implementing social media in teaching of functional illiterates.
  • Enhancement of the methodological expertise and professionalization of the trainers within the field of literacy.
  • Exchange of experiences during the workshop.
  • Building of a network for trainers from Europe for further developing the new method and for general exchange of teaching.

Workshop activities:

  • Presentation and parallel testing of various social media platforms.
  • Concept development and exchange on the use of social media within teaching.
  • Exchange with functional illiterates.
  • Joint development of a common social media platform to maintain the networking of the group after the workshop.
  • Excursions to topic related places in Berlin.
  • Cooking, barbecue and much more...

To whom the workshop is directed?

In order to reach the aimed objectives and to ensure a European added value of the workshop the workshop first of all addresses trainers and teachers from the field of adult vocational education who mainly work with functional illiterates.

It is meant to support them in expanding their range of methods and professionalize the social media approaches. Furthermore, they should act as multipliers in their countries and disseminate new knowledge in working with functional illiterates. The workshop will be conducted in English. Sufficient knowledge of English is necessary. Knowledge in social media is not required.

Where and when will the workshop take place?

The E-Literacy Workshop takes place in Berlin from 27th April to 3rd May 2014.

The participation at the workshop is funded by the EU GRUNDTVIG Lifelong Learning Program. Participants from Germany need to carry travel and accommodation expenses by themselves.

Download the workshop flyer »

How can I apply?

In order to apply for the workshop you must complete the application form and a detailed (up to 2000 characters) motivation letter. Through the motivation letter please let us know why you wish to attend the workshop and how you intend to practically apply the gained knowledge in future. Your experience within literacy work is important.

The number of participants of the workshop is limited to 18.

Regarding the selection of participants care is taken to equitable geographical distribution and gender, as well as relevant experience in working with functional illiterates. The workshop is open to participants from the EU-28 countries plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey and Switzerland.

The new Application deadline is the 10th January 2014.

The selection of participants will be announced 20th January 2014.

Who are we:

emcra GmbH - Europa aktiv nutzen has experience of adult vocational education for more than 10 years. Against the background of own events, emcra is very familiar with organizing and implementing the conception of different event formats such as in-service trainings, workshops, seminars and projects.

Relevant experience for E-Literacy Workshop:

  • emcra’s publicity and marketing department uses social media for promoting events professionally and effectively.
  • The trainers share a broad intercultural background and international experience that is useful for supporting participants having different backgrounds.
  • emcra conducts different projeckts in other European countries; e.g. in Italy, Belgium and Romania.
  • People taking part in our activities come from different European countries.

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emcra – Europa aktiv nutzen GmbH
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Katarzyna Grajner


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