Inclusive leadership in the digital age

Many managers in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), small and medium-sized organisations (SMOs) and in start-ups face a dilemma. They ask themselves: How can I run my organisation if I am not sure where the digital journey is heading? How can we successfully shape the future of our organisation together? The INCLUDE project provides a concrete contribution by addressing two central developments of our age: First, the trend towards flatter hierarchies and shared responsibility, and second, the digitalisation of all economic fields. Both aspects offer the starting point for the development of a new practical and innovative leadership approach in the era of digitalisation.

About the project

The aim of the two-year EU project (2019-2021) INCLUDE is to support SMEs, SMOs and start-ups in the day-to-day challenges of digital change with a contemporary, inclusive leadership approach.

Therefore, the project will develop learning and teaching materials for managers and for persons who want to or should take on more responsibility.

With these materials, managers can, on the one hand, learn "inclusive leadership in the digital age" step by step while working and apply it directly in their day-to-day business (work-based learning approach). On the other hand, training providers and freelancers from the vocational education and training field can use the materials and a sample curriculum for further training courses for the target group.

The INCLUDE project, which is funded within the framework of a "Strategic Partnership" in the EU programme "Erasmus+", aims to increase the competitiveness of European SMEs, SMOs and start-ups by establishing an inclusive management approach that takes into account the opportunities and risks of the digital transformation. For the individual learners, the learning and teaching materials represent an opportunity to develop or increase their own skills in a field of activity that is highly relevant to the labour market. The developed materials will be available online free of charge from autumn 2021.


+++ 1st project meeting: Kick Off Meeting +++

The first project meeting took place from 13th till 15th of November 2019. All seven partners from five European countries met in Berlin and exchanged views on the topics of leadership, inclusive leadership and digital transformation.

The project has thus officially started and we are looking forward to the next steps and the common European work.

Project Partners

Seven partner organisations from Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Poland and Cyprus are involved in the project INCLUDE. The lead partner is emcra Gmbh. More


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