Strategy development tool for the digitalisation of SME

Shape your future, one step at a time! The online learning tool ‘Digital Transformation’, available free of charge, offers small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) a tool to help them utilise the opportunities of digitalisation and curb its risks.

The project results: three tools that can help you right away

The two-year EU project was implemented by experts from seven organisations in five European countries. Together they developed the online learning tool that you can use free of charge here.

These three tools can accompany you throughout your digital transformation:

  • Quick check: review your company’s current position.
  • Driving forces that change your world: find out more about current digital technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence etc.
  • 3. Digital transformation – step-by-step instructions: develop a digital transformation strategy for your company one step at a time with the help of learning and working materials.

Practical benefits at a glance

The online learning tool was developed by businesspeople for businesspeople. The following aspects were important in its development:

  • SME need support that they can ideally make use of on the job and in tandem with their day-to-day work, one step at a time. Access should be as easy as possible. This is why the online learning tool can be used free of charge and without logging in. If you want to save your progress, you are more than welcome to register.
  • Big data, blockchain, cloud etc. Most people are far too afraid of these terms. This is why we have divided the most important technological developments into short learning modules that are easy to understand.
  • Once a digital transformation strategy has been developed, it has to be implemented into the company’s work. A prioritisation tool can help with this. You can use it to manage and monitor your process of development.


The ‘Digital Transformation’ online learning tool is now available to you:


The European partners’ project events:

+++ 05 June 2019 – Multiplier event in Nicosia, Cyprus +++
+++ 30 September 2019 – Multiplier event in Vratsa, Bulgaria +++
+++ 02 October 2019 – Multiplier event in Bolzano, Italy +++
+++ 03 October 2019 – Multiplier event in Athens, Greece +++
+++ 18 October 2019 – Closing event in Berlin, Germany +++

Project Partners

Seven partner organisations from Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Italy and Cyprus were involved in the project. emcra developed the project and drafted the necessary project application. emcra undertook the role of lead partner (consortium manager) in the project. More

Need some support?

Your process of digital transformation can be funded: companies can often become much more active themselves and can make much more active decisions that they first think. You don’t need external support for every computer or software purchase. If, however, you want to modify your business model and have to implement a very pervasive process of change together with your staff to achieve this, then external backing might be an important key to success. emcra GmbH and our European project partners are at your disposal.

In Germany, for example, the funding programme ‘unternehmensWert:Mensch plus’ finances up to 80 percent of consulting costs (max. 12 consulting days) for companies with fewer than 250 employees.


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