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"Qualification, Open Resources & Toolkit for the Work-Based Learning Professional"

There is a high rate of youth unemployment in the member states of the EU. Experience shows that the employability of adults increases when they have participated in a training with practical learning components and work-based learning (WBL) concepts. As part of the WBL-Pro project, a qualification will be developed, intended to prepare teachers of vocational education and training to professionally use WBL in the daily work with the learners.

About the project

The aim of the two-year EU project (2016-2018) WBL-Pro is the elaboration of a new job profile for experts who work in the field of Work Based Learning (WBL). A qualification for European experts within the field of education should help them to expand their competences for the approach of Work-Based Learning and specifically to use them in adult education. Work-Based Learning is the combination of theoretical and practical elements in learning, as is already known, for example, in the German vocational training with the dual system.

In addition to the qualification, an online platform will be developed which will offer WBL experts the opportunity to exchange their knowledge, skills and competences. In addition, the platform will provide materials that will help WBL experts to classify, evaluate and acknowledge skills and knowledge of their learners. emcra is in charge of the 1-week train-the-trainer-training for WBL experts, which will be held in Berlin in spring 2018.

The project WBL-Pro, co-financed under a "Strategic Partnership" within the EU programme „Erasmus+“, is intended to contribute to raise the employability of adults. In the learning process of adults more suitable practical elements will be integrated. Through the qualification and the continuous exchange via the online platform, WBL experts will be supported to use their skills more effectively.


More information regarding WBL-Pro can be found on FacebookLinkedIn and the project project website.


+++ Third partner meeting in Riga, Latvia +++ The third WBL-Pro partner meeting in November 2017 heralds the test phase of our project. We will then welcome our project partners at the upcoming project meeting in June 2018 to emcra in Berlin.

+++Second Partner Meeting in Lissabon, Portugal+++ Within the framework of the second WBL-Pro partner meeting in May 2017, the results of a comprehensive needs analysis will be presented. The third meeting will take place in November 2017 in Riga, Latvia.


+++First Partner Meeting in Cham, Germany+++ The first WBL-Pro partner meeting, which has been held in December 2016, focused on getting to know all partners from the organisations from Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal, Latvia and Spain as well as on the next steps and goals of the two-year "Strategic Partnership".

Project Partners

Ten partner organisations from Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal, Latvia and Spain are involved in the WBL-Pro project. The lead partner is Volkshochschule Cham e.V.. More


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