It’s only possible to live according to European values and actively participate in the European community if one is aware of the opportunities available. upgrade2europe aims to enable organisations to professionalise, learn and explore these possibilities, and work on their “institutional readiness” to embark on a transnational journey across Europe.

About the Project

upgrade2europe specifically wishes to address small and medium-size organisations or companies as well as educational institutions. The project’s aim is to support these organisations to overcome the challenges that transnational work throughout Europe brings about. Building on the success of the previous project Europeanisation, we wish to support as many organisations as possible on their step-by-step journey towards European integration. The products developed throughout this project will be available free of charge.


To fulfill this goal, we are developing a digital learning tool that consists of six complementary products. Users will be able to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to accompany their organisation towards Europeanisation on a step-by-step basis. The material developed follows the philosophy of “work-based-learning” and are thus designed to be directly integrated into everyday workflows. Educational institutions can use these materials and a sample curriculum to develop further training offers.


upgrade2europe is funded by Erasmus+ (strategic partnership) and will run from October 2020 until March 2023.


1) A comprehensive process model showing the steps from national to European working environments and how it can systematically be optimised.


2) A curriculum based on the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) that allows for internal as well as external training concepts for the target demographic.


3) The upgrade2europe Handbook, which enables personal practical training at the workplace via “ready-to-use” methodologies and instruments.


4) Educational videos that cover the most important aspects of Europeanisation and convey to the user an initial overview about relevant topics.


5) A digital self-assessment tool that allows users to judge their organisation’s institutional readiness for transnational work throughout Europe and provides immediate feedback and tips on how to proceed in their development.


6) An email course on the topic of Europeanisation.


+++ 6th presentation of the project results on July 19, 2023 in Berlin +++

Under the motto "Is your Organisation ready for Europe?" upgrade2europe is hosting an event on July 19 from 10:00 to 13:00 to talk about the opportunities and challenges of European work and internationalisation in a relaxed setting with the entire project team.

Registration for the free event: https://bit.ly/u2e_190623

+++ 5th project meeting in January 2023 +++

New year, new meeting! The first meeting in 2023 took us to Bella Italia, to the tranquil Palermo, on January 10 & 11. We were welcomed by our colleagues from PRISM, who showed us the most beautiful and hidden corners of Palermo.

Between the last meeting and this one we had the test phase of the upgrade2europe products, which we successfully completed and discussed the results in Palermo. Furthermore, we agreed on the next revision steps and made basic decisions for the upcoming translation of the project results. A special focus was of course again on the sustainable dissemination of the upgrade2europe products, especially with regard to the respective local conditions.

+++ 4th project meeting in May 2022 +++

This time we traveled together with all partners to Tallinn on May 12 & 13, 2022, where we were warmly welcomed by the team from TalTech University Tallinn. Together we were able to get to know the Estonian capital in a very personal way.

The meeting as such was mainly about the development status of our upgrade2europe products, their future dissemination and the sustainability of the results. In addition, we prepared the test phase starting this summer in intensive workshops and, of course, still exchanged views on long-running topics such as project and financial management & quality assurance.



+++ upgrade2europe-Training and Project Meeting in Cyprus +++


Finally a face-to-face meeting! After one year of remote work, we gathered in Cyprus in October 2021. The meeting and training both were a great success. 17 learners from six countries were able to participate in person. Our project thus officially entered the testing stage for our six upgrade2europe products. We received great amounts of positive feedback by the participants and would like to thank everyone for their valuable input during the training days.


Directly following the training, we held a partner meeting of the upgrade2europe consortium on October 22nd 2021. Here, we mainly focused on the results of the preceding training, as well as planned for the upcoming months and a risks-and-opportunities session. Especially the pandemic showed us that it’s more important now than ever before to keep an eye on potential risks to the project.



+++ 2nd Project Meeting, June 2021 +++


Due to the pandemic, the second project meeting had to be organised online as well. On June 10th and 11th we concerned ourselves mainly with quality control, planning our project activities ,and preparing the planned training-tests in October 2021.



+++ 1st Project Meeting: Kick-Off +++


Following a short series of webinars in October 2020, during which emcra introduced the project- and financial management as well as provided a first glimpse into the products to the project partners, we met on November 19th and 20th for the first official partner meeting. Due to the pandemic, this meeting was held in an online format. The aim of this first meeting was to start working on concrete plans on how to execute the six upgrade2europe products and help organisations with their Europeanisation.


Project Partners

Our consortium consists of six partners from six European countries: Bulgaria, Germany, Estonia, Italy, Hungry, and Cyprus. emcra GmbH is assuming the role of lead partner and consortium leader.



If you have further questions about our project “upgrade2europe” or general questions regarding our EU-Projects, a promising project idea or would to participate in European Projects, please contact us via email: projects@emcra.eu or phone +49 (0)30 3180 1330.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication (communication) reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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