Organisational Maturity Assessment Tool for the Europeanisation of Educational Institutions

Many educational establishments are still apprehensive about moving in a European direction. They often lack knowledge about the opportunities that European work provides, as well as being ignorant about the challenges linked to a process of internationalisation. The self-assessment tool was developed within the framework of the EU project ‘Europeanisation’ in order to tackle this information deficit and support organisations in their Europeanisation and internationalisation.

Is your organisation ready for Europe? Take a look!

Our free online self-assessment tool enables organisations that focus on ‘vocational education’ or ‘adult education’ to test how well prepared they are for European work and where there is a need for them to take further action. They can also receive practical information about the process of Europeanisation, as well as success stories from organisations about their journey in European direction.

The self-assessment offers organisations three fundamental blocks of information:

  • an overview of which topics are pertinent for an organisation’s development in a process of Europeanisation
  • where your organisation currently stands in this process and
  • individual recommendations for action on that basis

Is your organisation ready for Europe? Take a look!

The ‘Europeanisation’ information platform also offers comprehensive information about:

The platform also introduces successful organisations and the experiences that they have had as they travelled in a European direction.

The information platform and the self-assessment tool are available in English, Bulgarian, German, Greek, Croatian and Hungarian here:

About the project

The project ‘Europeanisation’ was funded within the framework of a two-year-long ‘strategic partnership’ (2014-2016) as part of the EU programme ‘Erasmus+’. This project has been given the ‘Success Story’ and ‘Good Practice Example’ awards from the European Commission and the National Agency NA-BiBB.

An online survey was conducted throughout Europe for the development of the online self-assessment tool within the project ‘Europeanisation’. The survey had over 520 participants from around 30 countries, including all the EU Member States, and established that there is a definite need for a strategic European focus for educational organisations in the sectors of ‘vocational education’ and ‘adult education’. On the basis of the survey results, the online tool was optimised to meet the demands of the target group.

The results of the online survey are summarized in document entitled:
“The Benefits and Challenges of Internationalisation / Europeanisation Strategies for Educational Institutions”

Project Partners

emcra implemented the project as the lead partner (consortium leader), along with six project partners from Bulgaria, Germany, Croatia, Hungary and Cyprus. More


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