Testing phase of CASSANDRA-Products finished successfully

The online testing phase is – since July 11th 2017 – successfully completed. 101 persons could provide their feedback through online evaluation questionnaires.

Between February and July 2017, the 3 CASSANDRA products (in beta version) could be tested and assessed by the future users. A total of 101 testing forms have been completed by these users and submitted to the project team:

  • 62 users of the Quick Check tool
  • 22 users of the Guide
  • 17 users of the Online Course

Who tested?

Among them, 25 % were business owners, 33 % were managers, 45 % were employees. The targeted enterprises were small or micro sized companies from the Business Services sector. This explains that some users were owners and managers.


  • 46 % of the users were from micro-sized companies (less than 10 employees),
  • 37 % from small-size companies (between 11 and 50 employees), and
  • 10 % from medium-size companies (between 51 and 250 employees).

It was not required to have any experience in the business resilience disciplines (risk management, business continuity, information security) before browsing and testing the CASSANDRA products.

Out of the 101 testers, 85 % declared indeed having “a low or medium level of experience” in these areas, whereas only 15 % declared being familiar.

Feedback and Revision

Among the criteria used by the testers to assess the 3 CASSANDRA products, one can cite: enjoyability, clearness, thoroughness, difficulty, user-friendliness, innovation, practicality and usefulness.

Thanks to these valuable feedbacks, the project team revised the 3 CASSANDRA products in a way that improved their quality.

The final products are available free of charge from September 2017.


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