Products for the risk management of SMEs

In the frame of "CASSANDRA" three products were developed to support SMEs building up a risk management system tailored to their business that turns contribute to their stability and their resistance.

With the use of the specific products, SMEs can analyze their business risks efficiently and "on the job" (at workplace), and minimize or neutralize future risks by themselves through concrete solution strategies and recommendations.

"CASSANDRA" provides a "Quick Check", an "Online Course" and a "Guide".

Quick Check

The Quick Check is designed to raise the awareness of SMEs on potential business risks and the different areas of risk management. With the tool, SMEs can analyze possible risks and threats "on the job" and take initial steps to improve their risk management.

Online Course

The online course gives specific knowledge on all aspects of risk management of SMEs of the Business Services sector. This includes standards of risk management, information on business continuity management and information on the structure and optimization of the company's information security system. The goal of this online training is that SMEs transfer the learned methods in their daily business activity and implement them in practice. In addition to the online training, individual training materials will be developed (e. g. the online guide).


The guide for employees of SMEs from the Business Services sector includes specific knowledge about potential business risks and threats and provides information on strategies to minimize damage, namely strategies of business continuity management. In addition, it provides practical recommendations to guarantee the stability and resilience of SMEs.

Another project result is the handbook for employees in NGOs, which is available to you here. With the knowledge learned in the manual and the three associated templates, the positive risk register, the negative risk register and the business community plan, you can apply risk management directly to your organization.


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