Boosting the Soft Skills of Higher Education Students and Graduates

The aim of the EU project "BEGIN - Boosting the Soft Skills of Higher Education Students and Graduates" (2019-2021) is to develop a wide-ranging mentoring programme. It is intended to support university students systematically in their career orientation.

About the project

BEGIN aims to identify and reduce discrepancies between the skills in demand on the labour market and the skills taught at universities. Soft skills of students for the labour market will be particularly promoted. In addition, the project aims to initiate a long-term exchange between students, universities and employers.

BEGIN will develop three products that will be available free of charge:

  • a toolbox for career exploration activities,
  • a practical methodology for joint business education initiatives,
  • a training course for soft skills and personal development.

1.) The BEGIN toolbox will be accessible online and will pool the experiences of students, employers and academic staff in the field of career exploration activities. The advantages and disadvantages of the different tools will be described and it will be shown how they can be successfully applied.

2.) The practical methodology explains to managers or employees how they can effectively share their knowledge to develop the staff they are looking for in their organisation. The methodology describes step-by-step the necessary procedure to enable and encourage the desired development of a mentee as a mentor.

3.) The BEGIN training course includes freely accessible online training materials and is designed for further training of academic staff. Teachers can access specific information in order to incorporate soft skills that are in demand on the job market into their teaching. In this way the students are taught relevant skills for the labour market.

The BEGIN project is co-financed under a "Strategic Partnership" within the EU programme Erasmus+. It contains six partners from five European countries: Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Poland and Portugal.



+++ Update 12/16/2020 +++

We are happy to announce that we launched our brand-new project website:

+++ Update 09/24/2020 +++

We need your support!

We are currently conducting short interviews with employers, career starters, students and lecturers in all five project countries. We would like to find out which soft skills are currently expected on the national labor markets and, in addition, which soft skills could gain in importance on the labor market in the future.

You can find the short questionnaire here. This can be filled out anonymously.

We would be pleased if you support our EU project BEGIN with your practical experience!

Completed questionnaires can be sent to by October 2nd using the keyword "BEGIN".

If you have further questions about our project "BEGIN" or general questions regarding our EU-projects,
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